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Framed linocut prints at Luxe De Vil Salon

The beginning of February was spent printing and framing linocut prints for an event at Luxe De Vil Salon & Spa in Denver, & my studio was a bit of a disaster as I tried to find space for everything, but I managed and survived!

While the event has passed, my framed linocut prints and several of my paintings will be hanging on their walls through the month of February. Please take a little trip to this awesome salon & spa to check them out, and while you're there, meet some of their stylists and aestheticians and book an appointment for one or more of their services!

As the dust in my studio has settled, I've taken a day to re-organize everything and prepare for the next creative project. I have new boho designs for linocut prints, as well as pieces that would blend in beautifully with nature inspired Wiccan decor. I'm also working on designs for gold foil prints, which I hope to have available by the end of March. 

Visit Curiobella next week as I should have something new!